Detailed information on gastronomic analyses

What exactly is a gastronomic analysis?

By doing an analysis, various internal and external influencing factors and areas of gastronomy are examined professionally.

Internal influencing factors are (amongst others):
  • quality: value, authenticity, professionalism, customer satisfaction etc.
  • quantity: financial and operational key figures, benchmarking
  • hardware: infrastructure, large and small equipment, furniture
  • software: the concept consisting of food & beverage quality, service quality and room & ambiance quality
  • location: site, accessibility etc.
  • environment: population, economy, cultural environment, competitors, trends, developments in the industry etc.

What is the purpose of a gastronomy analysis?

A profound analysis of the current status, which is as keen as a razor, creates clarity on and helps prepare for further steps in a process. An analysis can be, for example, the basis for a gastronomic concept, for coaching or for a tender. Necessary steps can only be identified and planned rapidly and efficiently once an accurate analysis had been carried out.

Areas of gastronomy & their impacts

Which types of restaurant analyses are there?

  • site inspections
  • field analyses
  • micro & macro analyses
  • actual state analyses
  • analyses of qualities (software)
  • mystery shopping
  • trend analyses
  • benchmark comparisons
  • analyses of area requirements
  • feasibility studies
  • profitability calculations
  • etc.
Site analysis

Whom is a gastronomic analysis useful for?

For anyone who needs clarity on his or her gastronomy project and who wants access to the “big picture”.

For example:
  • restaurateurs, caterers, hoteliers
  • investors, site developers, builders
  • architects, interior designers, specialist planners
  • companies with staff restaurants and/or catering services
  • operators of shopping centres, train stations, airports, casinos, event locations
  • real estate managers & administrators
  • administration bodies & authorities
  • etc.

Who can provide a professional analysis on gastronomy?

jürg landert. gastronomie. konzepte. consulting ltd. (jlz) has 20 years of experience in the industry. We would be pleased to support you and provide you with a profound analysis of the current status of your gastronomy.

What does a professional gastronomy analysis by jlz cost?

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and requirements. Thereupon we will submit a detailed offer.