Detailed information on gastronomy consulting

What exactly is gastronomy consultancy?

If you have a specific gastronomic question and are seeking professional knowledge combined with an external perspective, then an experienced gastronomy consultant is what you are looking for. In close cooperation with you, the consultant will develop ideal solutions for you.

Your gastronomic question may concern e.g. a structural, conceptual, strategic, operational, personnel or marketing topic.

Often a project team has a goal in mind, but is unable to push the project forward internally without the proficient statement of an external expert.

Where does the journey lead to...?

What is the purpose of gastronomy consulting?

A professional gastronomy consultant has broad and deep specialist knowledge as well as many years of experience. Thus he or she is capable of offering competent and holistic consulting, supporting and accompanying your projects, giving you recommendations and second opinions as well as developing sensible and sustainable solutions.

Which forms of gastronomy consultancy are there?

  • strategic advice
  • specialist advice
  • advisory consulting for builders
  • second opinions
  • technical expertise
  • recommendations
  • site development
  • etc.

Whom is a gastronomy consultant useful for?

For anyone who has a specific gastronomic question, is searching for the ideal solution and who is possibly also seeking competent, holistic support in their project.

For example:
  • restaurateurs, caterers, hoteliers
  • investors, site developers, builders
  • architects, interior designers, specialist planners
  • companies with staff restaurants and/or catering services
  • operators of shopping centres, train stations, airports, casinos, event locations
  • real estate managers & administrators
  • administration bodies & authorities
  • etc.

Who can provide professional gastronomy consulting?

jürg landert. gastronomie. konzepte. consulting ltd. (jlz) has 20 years of experience in gastronomy consultancy. We listen carefully to your needs and requirements and provide competent and holistic advice.

What does professional consulting by jlz cost?

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and requirements. Thereupon we will submit a detailed offer.