About us

Jürg Landertjl@jlz.ch

Network & partners

Within 20 years we have carefully built up a differentiated network of specialists, partners, suppliers and freelancers, in order to be capable of working efficiently even on large and complex projects with extraordinary tasks

Combined know-how leads to more success !

Various roles of jlz

Within our scope of competences and services we support you and your project. According to your requirements, we assume different roles within the project team:

Such as a strategist, an idea-developer, a clock generator, a conceptual designer, a consultant, a project supporter, a lateral thinker, a coach etc.

While in some projects all of our competences and services can come into effect, only a few do in others

Professional background

  • self-employed gastronomy consultant and conceptual designer since 1998
  • 10 years of experience in managing operations (including planning and openings) as well as in national and international executive management positions
  • 10 years of educational and professional development in the hospitality and tourism industry, including travelling and extended stays abroad


  • Swiss Hotel Management School Lucerne SHL with a Diploma in Hotel & Restaurant Management HF
  • kitchen and restaurant apprenticeships