Detailed information on professional gastronomy concepts

What exactly is a gastronomy concept?

When you plan a gastronomy unit it is very useful to elaborate the concept by describing it and formulating it in a generally understandable way.

It is irrelevant whether your gastronomic concept is for a bar, a café, a take-away, a restaurant, a catering service, a hotel, an event location or even a mix (hybrid) of all these.

What is the purpose of a concept for the catering industry?

It gives your gastronomic project a clear profile and ensures a common understanding of it.

Use it to communicate your intentions towards third parties. For example to:
  • address investors
  • apply for a rental space
  • apply for permits
  • inform and coordinate architects, interior designers and specialist planners
  • recruit potential employees
  • inform and train employees
  • etc.

Which types or levels of detail are there for gastronomic concepts?

master plan
concept ideas
conceptual draft
business plan

What should be taken into consideration when developing a successful gastronomy concept?

A successful gastronomic concept is perceived by impressions and experiences in three areas of quality:
  • food & beverage range/quality
  • service range/quality
  • room & ambience quality

Customers perceive and evaluate a concept by these three areas of quality. Therefore it is crucial that they are harmonious. Furthermore, the location and its environment, the competitors and the philosophy have to be taken into account.

Awareness of gastronomy

Whom is a gastronomy concept useful for?

For anyone who needs to have a project or idea for the catering industry professionally elaborated and formulated.

For example:
  • restaurateurs, caterers, hoteliers
  • investors, site developers, builders
  • architects, interior designers, specialist planners
  • companies with staff restaurants and/or catering services
  • operators of shopping centres, train stations, airports, casinos, event locations
  • real estate managers & administrators
  • administration bodies & authorities
  • etc.

Who can develop a professional gastronomy concept?

jürg landert. gastronomie. konzepte. consulting ltd. (jlz) has 20 years of experience in developing gastronomic concepts. We would be pleased to support you and to create a stringent, attractive and sustainable concept for you.

What does a professional concept by jlz cost?

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and requirements. Thereupon we will submit a detailed offer.