A profound analysis of the current status, which is as keen as a razor, creates clarity and helps prepare for further steps

  • site inspections
  • field analyses
  • actual state analyses
  • trend analyses
  • analyses of area requirements
  • feasibility studies
  • profitability calculations


A stringent concept gives your project a clear profile and ensures a common understanding of it. Furthermore, the concept communicates the intentions towards third parties

  • visions
  • strategies
  • master plans
  • concept ideas
  • conceptual drafts
  • sub-concepts
  • business plans


Due to many years of experience and with broad and in-depth knowledge, we can offer professional advice and develop useful solutions for any gastronomic or gastronomy related topic

  • strategic advice
  • specialist advice
  • advisory consulting for builders
  • second opinions
  • expert reports
  • recommendations
  • site developments


With a tender for your catering mandate or by marketing your gastronomic real estate we will find the ideal partner(s) for you

  • tenders for contract catering
  • tenders for tenants
  • tenders for technical kitchen planners
  • tenders for interior design
  • real estate marketing
  • evaluation & judgements
  • contract negotiations


With judicious and accurate coaching during and if necessary also after termination of your project, we support you and your team comprehensively and holistically in your everyday life

  • audits
  • quality management TQM
  • mystery shopping
  • team coaching
  • project support
  • project organisation
  • supervisions

20 years of experience in gastronomy consulting and concept developing

We support you in all gastronomic and gastronomy related topics and develop ideal solutions together with you. Upon request, we are pleased to offer you further, project-specific competences and services

It would be our pleasure, to support you and your project


20 years JLZ

Last year, we celebrated our 20-year-jubilee! We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all the exciting encounters and conversations over the past years as well as for all the joint experiences, elaborations and successfully accomplished projects. We look forward to further great collaboration!