Detailed information on professional tenders and rental spaces in the gastronomy industry

What exactly is a gastronomy tender and what does it mean to market a gastronomic rental space?

If you are looking for a caterer to operate your staff restaurant or your business catering services, a tender will help you find and evaluate the right partner. Tenders for the staff catering industry are usually carried out as an invitation process. This means that the large caterers in Switzerland are contacted directly and invited to take part in the tender process to request information (RFI) or to request a proposal (RFP).

If you have a gastronomic rental space and are looking for a new tenant, it is recommended to market it actively. This can be done with an open tender in the market (mix of publishing the tender and contacting renowned restaurateurs and gastronomy operators directly) or also as an invitation process if it is a very exclusive location.

In both cases, the interested parties receive various specifications and have to develop a conceptual entry as well as a financial offer. The entries and offers will then be evaluated in detail, compared and judged.

What is the purpose of a tender or rentals?

The aim is to find potential operators or tenants in order to receive the best possible overall offer (qualitative and quantitative).

Especially when a contract ends after a longer period, a new operator (and therefore a change) can bring in a fresh breeze and innovation and can even enhance a location.

Tradition vs. innovation / comfort vs. risk

What does the process of a tender or of marketing a gastronomic rental space look like?

The process can be summarised as follows:
  • identification and definition of relevant parameters
  • possibly define a communication concept
  • create descriptive tender documents
  • draft a contract
  • publish the tender documents and/or send them to defined contacts
  • conduct all communication with interested parties and applicants
  • if possible, conduct a site inspection with all interested parties
  • offer all interested parties a question and answer session
  • evaluate the entries, applications and offers
  • conduct presentations and talks
  • lead the contract negotiations
  • finalisation and ratification of the contract
Road map / Gantt Chart

What has to be taken into account when assigning a professional company in this regard?

To assure professionalism during the entire process and a fair evaluation of the entries and offers, it is crucial that the assigned company is independent and neutral.

This means that the company should not hold any shares or board of directors’ seats of a potential operator or tenant participating in the tender process.

Furthermore, it can be extremely useful if the assigned company has a large network in the industry, broad and deep specialist knowledge as well as a lot of expertise in tenders and rentals for gastronomy and the catering industry.

Whom is a tender or the marketing of a rental space useful for?

For anyone who is seeking a catering partner or who has a space to lease.

For example:
  • companies with staff restaurants and/or catering services
  • investors, site developers, builders
  • operators of shopping centres, train stations, airports and casinos
  • real estate managers & administrators
  • etc.

Who can I assign for a gastronomic tender or to market a gastronomic rental space?

jürg landert. gastronomie. konzepte. consulting ltd. (jlz) has 20 years of experience in this area and has successfully completed many tenders and rentals. Also, jlz is completely independent and neutral. We look forward to supporting and coaching you in your tender process or with leasing your gastronomy space.

What does the assignment of jlz cost to do a gastronomic tender or to market a rental space?

Depending on your resources we are open to negotiate an appropriate interface (who does what). Contact us so we can discuss your needs and requirements. Thereupon we will submit a detailed offer.